Here’s the list of the organisations funded through the Islington Giving Crisis Fund. We will update this page regularly, so look for the 💡 to find the latest funded projects.


💡 Spear (£9,000 awarded)

💡 Whittington park community association (£9,000 awarded)

💡 Islington Somali Community (£9,000 awarded)

All Change (£9,959 awarded)

Islington Play Association (£9,951 awarded)

One True Voice (£10,000 awarded)

Minority Matters (£9,490 awarded)

YES Outdoors (£10,000 awarded)

Islington People’s Rights (£16,105 awarded)

Highbury Vale Blackstock Trust (£2,400 awarded)

Healthwatch Islington (£19,800 awarded)

MahaDevi Yoga Centre (£9,905 awarded)

Little Angel Theatre (£20,000 awarded)

The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants (£15,000 awarded)

Freightliners Farm (£9,774 awarded)

Angel Shed (£8,350 awarded)

Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association (£20,000 awarded)

Islington Chinese Association (£19,007 awarded)

Islington Mind (£15,000 awarded)

Stuart Low Trust (£15,000 awarded)

Sport & Life Skills (£10,100 awarded)

The Elfrida Society (£10,000 awarded)

Healthy Generations (£9,131 awarded)

Chabad Lubavitch (£5,520 awarded)

Octopus Community Network (£5,000 awarded)

Light Project International (£5,000 awarded)

Mildmay Community Partnership (£4,845 awarded)

Mobile Repair Service MRS Independent Living (£2,800 awarded)

Help on Your Doorstep (£20,150 awarded)

Copenhagen Youth Project (£10,000 awarded)

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods (£4,274 awarded)

Galbur Foundation (£3,000 awarded)

Company three (£20 960 awarded)

The Manna (£5,000 awarded)

Islington Mind (£5,000 awarded)

The Hive Food Bank (£5,000 awarded)

Hillside Clubhouse (£1,120 awarded)