These are the organisations that the group of young people in Islington have decided to fund.

Across eight months, a group of 16 to 26 year olds living in Islington met weekly as the Young Grant Makers. They had the responsibility of deciding which organisations would make a real difference to young people in the borough.

After an open call, and with a budget of £80,000, they reviewed the different organisations discussed their options and short-listed 10 applications.

The Young Grant-Makers then visited each of the finalists in small groups and learned more about each of them and their approach.


By the end of the year, the young people made their final, and very hard, decisions. They have decided to fund:

Thank you!

Thanks to our Young Grant-Makers, our partners Children in Need and City Bridge Trust, who helped us run the programme in 2019 and everyone else involved in another successful round of the programme!

Before saying goodbye, two young people of this year’s generation wanted to share their reflection on their experience as Young Grant-Makers. Read Maria’s blog and Sadia’s blog.

See you all in our next round!

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