Children and Young People’s Appeal FAQs

What is Islington Giving?

In 2010, local people came together with local and national funders and businesses to launch Islington Giving. Together, they wanted to shine a light on the poverty and inequality lying under the surface in the borough and the challenges facing many residents.

Islington Giving gives grants to local organisations helping people who are lonely and isolated, supporting families through tough times, improving mental health and giving young people the best opportunities in life. We make connections between people, businesses and charities to work on the issues of poverty and inequality in the borough.

Islington Giving is a restricted fund of Cripplegate Foundation. Our charity number is at the bottom of this page.


Why are you working with the Council?

The more partners, friends and allies we have in our mission to help people living in Islington, the better. We partner with businesses, with people who work here in the week, who were born and raised here and hope never to leave, who will live here for a short time and move on; we work with students, for whom Islington is a launchpad into something else, with multi-national businesses who can give funds and expertise, and with tiny community groups who know exactly what is going on street by street.

Islington Council is an important partner in making sure we can do the best we can for as many residents as possible.

Islington Giving is entirely non-political and does not comment on Council policies.


What will the money be spent on?

100% of the money will be spent on local projects working with children and young people in Islington.

None of the money will be spent by Islington Council. All of the money will be spent after listening to the concerns and thoughts of residents, using Islington Giving’s expertise to make sure it happens as cost-effectively as possible.

Independent research was conducted before the pandemic which showed the residents were most concerned about the mental health, safety and education of their young people. We have listened and will be spending all donations on improving the lives and opportunities of children and young people.


Why has this request been included with the Council tax letter?

Islington Giving wants to give as many people as possible the opportunity to support young people as we come out of the pandemic.

We know not everyone is in a position to help and that for many people these are difficult times financially. But we know that some residents would like to make a contribution to provide additional support to young people in need in the borough.

The Council Tax letter is a great way to communicate with every household and Islington Council kindly allowed us to put a leaflet in the mailing free of charge.


Do nearly half of Islington’s children really live in poverty?

Before the pandemic, Islington Council’s State of Equalities in Islington: Annual Report found that 47% of children in the borough were living in poverty. Sadly we believe that this has probably worsened in the last year.

For the full report and more information visit Islington Council’s State of Equalities in Islington Annual Report 2020.

If you have any other questions please do contact us: mail@islingtongiving.org.uk